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1. Is sailsize was max 11 meters I doubt that Antoine would even been t the worlds. He would not have a change then. With th current max sailsize everyone can pick his optimum. We regulary get beaten by a youngster on 9.8 while sailing 11.5 ourselfs. The rule is perfect as a range and no-one is forced to use the biggest unless you are a big guy yourself.

2. Now that there are weightclasses the benefit for the greater guys diminishes. And some will always be better from nature, that is so in every sport, the tall can play volleybal the small are mostly better for gymnastics. So it will never be perfect in that way.

3. The Apollo is not a must. Most will again choose the F161 and not the Apollo. I doubt if there will be anyone who will buy and use both. The advantage of the Apollo will be not that great that I will be able to beat Antoine with it while he sails on the 161 in the lightest winds

4. Last but not least I would like to see R&D try to maken a significant lighter board (other building method other materials or what ever it takes) to give us a early planning board at max 6 kg. That would really mean progress. I do not mean FW class legal but completely out of the box as is tried with the Apollo too. Any plans on this adventure for Straboard?
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