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It is maybe true that you want excitement of light wind planing (which would steer you to Formula), but the thread title contains word "gusty". The most difficult thing is to evaluate how much lulls do you have on most of your sailing days, ie how steady the wind is? If you already sail an older Formula and it doesn't give you enough planing time, chances are that the newer one won't give you enough either. Sure it will lower your planing threshold a bit, but to truly maximize it you'll probably need a bigger rig ($$$$).

I've sailed a Formula for 2-3 seasons and then gave it up. Yes I've bought myself a lot of light wind fun, but there were many days when even Formula wasn't enough. Pumping >50% of the time to get/keep planing, shlogging in 3 knots for 5km, is not fun. Neither is being overpowered, which happens pretty soon in a given wind range. I believe on many spots the only answer is longer (as in 350cm) board with a dagger. I'm not saying it's your spot, but you have to estimate correctly.

Fair winds

edit: When you look at this "I have some transport distance to get to clear wind and I think need a board with CB for that reason.....
But first priority are planing mode....."
Unfortunately, it's not possible to be completely happy in both situations (at least not on the same board). Of course, moderately happy is fine ;-)

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