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Default I'm afraid clubs are 'passť' ,,,

Clubs were popular (and I was in one then) long time ago, when all had the same or similar gear. In the early '80s, I would travel around the country for competing and most sailors were in a club - organised or clique.

This fell apart mid-80s onwards. I remember my own club: people started showing up with all sort of ever numerous and recent gear on a trailer. Those wouldn't join, as they were going faster - they were their own heroes. Open races, as opposed to one-design, became the norm, so the best gear would win. There was no link anymore between people but to show each other all the brand new faster gear they'd bought. That would happen in the spring, what a Tupperware party. Still is.

Current "speed" guys - going right and left all summer - couldn't race now, and won't want to measure themselves against competitive sailors. Clubs are mostly dead, bar a few racing enthusiasts.

I have my own informal social club. We get together by happenstance on the same spots, we teach kids and people. I teach a lot of freestyle on all sort of gear. Small gains, but I'm happy with sharing my experience that way.

Once in a while someone pays me beer - that's OK.
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