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Hi Matt12,
I totally agree with Steve C. here.
I use the Chinook Rig Winch (I have both the Chinook/WSH Cup version favored in the US, and the Euro Pin version that seems favored everywhere else) and the Rig Winch is well worth several times what they cost.
Here's a link: (Need to scroll down the page a ways):

Think of it this way.....
The $46-48 USD MSRP cost of a Rig Winch is less that half the cost of your first diagnostic visit to a chiropractor or osteopathic physician to have your lower back
problems diagnosed.
Where did your lower back problems come from.....downhauling your sails, primarily.
So, a very worthwhile product and a very reasonable (considering the alternative is temporary to long term lower back pain) price.
There are other devices that work on the same principles. Some sailors like the Rig It Right lever tool, but I found it chews up the DH line a bit and is a little unwieldly to use and store.
The Rig Winch is small light weight, and while there are some improvements that could be made to make it better and "adapt" it to specific mast base configurations, it works as it is, almost universally as long as you have the correct type (Chinook cup or Euro Pin to fit your mast base universal type.
Hope this helps,
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