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Default Boom height and uphauling.

I would just add that boom height makes a huge difference in rig weight when pulling up. Regardless of the make.

Just imagine way-too-high booms, then pulling up would be nigh impossible. It's a sine-cosine thing.

It doesn't mean to you must keep it low or lower-than-should just to assist your pulling. But just in case, review your boom height again. As a matter of fact, I find a lots of sailors booms are too high, they can't start or waterstart, and are awkward when sailing on a reach, without realising it.

All depends on your style, rig, wind strength, but very minimum is armpit-high, and goes way up from there on for small boards and strong winds.

One final note: don't let your mast "window" determine the boom height. It should be where you want it to be, then extension and mast should follow suit.

Cheers & 'luck.
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