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Default Need a waveboard and ended up confused...

Hi all,
after having been very happy for the last 10 years with my classic 75 liter wave board I decided it is time to buy a new one. My old one I sailed at many great places from Marocco to Mauritius to Teneriffe and so on - and always had fun from 4.0 to 5.3 sail sizes.
I weight 72 kg, my most used sail size is a 5.0. I mostly travel to nice sideshore places. I will go in May to Baja and don't know what to buy: a 74 Acid? a 70l Evo? a 75l Evo? I want a board that is fun for down the line waveriding, even for the occassional days with big and fast waves. But it should also be ok to get me back to the peak on a light wind day with a 5.3. Is this nowadays still possible with one board? Or do I have to get two? Please help...
Thanks Klippes
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