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Hey all who may be interested in the FU 93

I finally had the FU93 yesterday. Just to recap I'm 86kg/188cm, and would be weekend racer, about twice a year actually, which sounds like not many, but there are only 5, 1 per month, and by the time there is no wind for a couple, a birthday or 2, you get the picture.....

Sorry you probably want to hear about the board.

The conditions were really 8.5 weather, if the board hadn't been sitting under the house for 6 weeks, then I would have been on H111/8.4 RSR/45cm fin. It was approx 13-14 knots max, full of holes, with say 30cm chop. I rigged a 6.7 RSR and used the 34cm drake fin out of the Hyper 111, yes that board again. Why the slalom fin? Well I want a slalom board that easy to sail in high wind and turns like a dream, infact in my humble opinion, its way more fun to be hammering the Sh#t out of a board than the other way round.

The 1st thing I noticed when I got it planing, was, that it was planing! Unbelievable. Fact 1, there is no way on gods earth the ST93 would have. The next thing was the accelleration, very impressive. I tested the I86 in similar conditions a few months ago, with a little more wind, same sail, and to be honest, on a reach,nothing in it. This however may well change in a nice 20 knots +, but given the way the board, just kept on wanting to accelerate, with such little effort, suggests that it may well hold its own.

I placed the straps all the way back, front and rear, which is where I like to sail. The ride reminded me of an EVO. Now I bet you weren't expecting that. Obviously its not one, but perhaps its the thin deck, which suggests to me when its wild, that there is only one small fast board to have, the FU93. It brought back memories of the BIC Volocie 278 from about 2000, if anyone sailed one, you know what I mean.

Going over the chop it felt great, infact I distinctly remember saying to myself ' bring it on', which is unusual, as I mainly sail the Hyper, and although the hyper will fly over chop, requires a fair amount of effort. The FU93 requires little effort at all. Yet given the conditions still kept accelerating.

Gybing, sorry to say that I was going upwind most of the time, and did only a couple. So we will have to wait for another day to find out.

When I downloaded the GPS at home, the max speed was 28.5 knots, this was on a slightly upwind run. I remember approaching the beach, going to tack, and couldn't stop, I almost ran some swimmers over, so I was going faster than I thought! This speed is not fast in the grand scheme of things, but given the lack of wind, was outstanding, and I know this because I record all my sessions.

So when the next opportunity arrives to test it again, I'll post some more feedback. Also should be able to line up the old salty on his ST93, shortly, and we'll posty the results of that. Offcouse we'll swap boards as well.

To sum up, I believe so far, that what Ian has commented on above, is quite correct. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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