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that is bizzare to have the sail split in the middle of the panel. i have x-type 7.3 (2007) but i didn' t get much chance to use it last season as i was usually either on 5.7 voodoo (2007) or 8.2 warp (2006). no problems with those sails (apart from mast sticking out of the top of mast sleeve of 8.2 - but that was cheap to repair). but voodoo is all xply and warp has a wide sleeve so not much wrinkling there. possibly north has used lighter materials for the middle panels to minimise weight. that might make the sails not only more exposed to wrinkling but also more vounerable to occasional hit by nose of the board when launching in waves or impact by harness hook. but i believe you have eliminated those possibilities from the list. anyways very unfortunate to have such problems. i will keep my eyes on how my xtype behaves this season. it would be interesting to hear feedback from those using dukes 5.9-6.9 as to how they hold up...
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