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I'm basically repeating what I've listed on a local forum earlier but just would like to note the following:

I cannot rightly respond on behalf of NeilPryde as a 
manufacturer and in no way intend to do so. My point was to make clear 
the responsibilities of ourselves as a distributor, hence my statement regarding service at the distributor level.

As I noted earlier, NeilPryde relies highly on the efforts and knowledge of their distribution network to validate any and all claims. I'm certain in fact, that this claim was not considered blindly by David Mead.

I do want to make it clear that as much as it is the
retail dealerís obligation as a representative carrier or 'Authorized Dealer' of NeilPryde products to support and service the brands they carry, it is the distributors duty in turn, to support and service their dealers that have signed up for just that responsibility. This means going to bat for them and their customer, even when it means going against the brandís initial assessment of the claim in question. I cannot assuredly say this course of action was taken in this instance.

More over, Iím not necessarily a fan of the policy but it is what it is. That being said if the distributor is unable to secure a suitable response from the manufacturer on any claim, I feel it's now our obligation as a distributor (if we believe the claim to be valid) to right the situation by providing a 
replacement or credit where applicable to the dealer, so he/she can 
appropriately service their customer. In other words, we take it on the chin and settle with NP in our time.

This is most assuredly the course of action Adventure Sports has taken over the past 2 seasons. We win some we lose some. More won than lost I might add. However, itís my belief; internal issues between distribution and production, should stay internal issues. The consumer is the first concern and keeping them on the water with as little red tape as possible is our first objective.

Kind Regards,

Garrett Scotti
Adventure Sports
Division Manager
NeilPryde Windsurfing / JP-Australia
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