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Hello Remi,

I personally would pay a double price (once in two years from 2008 ) but I do realise that I will be a minority in that aspect. So I understand that there will be no big enhough market to go that way.

I also do not think that it will help the majority of Formual Racers (and I did not mention that as a goal of my idea), at least not in one or two years, it may so in say three or four years.

In the end, if you would be able to significantly lower the weight of the board, maintaning the current strenght of the boards and produce it in big enhough quantity's it might introduce a completely new eara.

For the olympics it might be the only way to go, cause you need to be able to plane as soon as possible and in those marginal winds weight is a significant factor, yes?

What happend to AHD was not only because of the buildingmethod but I see your point. At the same time starboard was able to make a little heavier board that was equally good performing so no one really needed to buy a AHD. If you coudl come up with that excotic Apollo lightversion (- 6kg) you probably have the new standard for lightwind windsurfing.

Would be great to have an invester who would pay for the R&D to make something like this happen. That invester should also invest in the first years of productiocosts so that the market will get enhough hunger that quantity can lower the final cost of the board. I know it can be done but one has to think out of every box (even the wallet one )

Who knows, maybe someday, I keep my fingers crossed and will enjoy every moment sailing with my current formula gear.

All the best,
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