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One last thing Mr. Garrett, I really don't want to abuse of your patience (and kindness: after all you're not obliged to came here and talk directly to customers as you're doing. For this I thank you again) then I won't bother you again I promise :-)

Try to think for one single moment as you were not the division manager of NP but a normal windsurfer (if a windsurfer can be "normal" but that's another unending theme..).
Or simply a customer in general.

Now, one day for all hypes and for testing, results, beauty whatever you decide to go to a Porsche saloon, ok?
All shiny new stuff, but you want the best: 911 GT2!
Outstanding product, air cutting device, beautifull, top technology, top performance, and of course top price!
Now, you sign, you pay and before you go out the dealer tells you: "You'll for sure be happy with your car sir, hear at the engine roar, look at the tyres, you won't have problems couse we take huge amount of tests on it and.. uh of course.. guess what.. 6 month warranty.. Have a nice drive!"

Now, of course that's a that's a joke, I hope I haven't offended anyone but that's (in small of course..) what is NP STILL telling the customers about their top products...
Do you honestly think it's fair, not reasoning by NP employee of course?

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