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I get where you're coming from. I really am just a normal windsurfer. I started with Adventure Sports in that vain alone. I've been sailing for a long time. For many years using a mix of brands, usually local. Anything I could get my hands on really. It wasn't until I met some of the guys at Adventure Sports several years ago that I even considered working in the industry.

Now my love for the sport has always been there. I had seen all the hype coming from one brand or another, but the truth is after sailing so many different brands over the years I was given the opportunity to try NeilPryde gear and fell in love with it.

As far as the response from our production team, as I stated earlier; the way I see it, the communication between the brand and the consumer should stop at the distributor level. Policies on high end, high performance race equipment will be restrictive. These 'guidelines' and policies do have exceptions and it's my job to convey to the brand when the exceptions apply.

Not to mention, (whether they like to hear it or not, and I'll probably get a slap on the wrist for saying this) the guys in production might not be the most savvy individuals when it comes to dealing with people at the grass roots level. They have deadlines, projections, quota's to meet... not to say they aren't windsurfers, but I have the stoke of a 20-30 knot multiple session Sunday spent on the water with my closest friends and many old school folks that watched me grow up who are still on the water at home to ground me.

Yes, it's a business I know, but I can tell you that with any brand especially at the distributor level, it's not entirely unlikely, that guy or girl on the other end of the phone with the dealer or the end user is just like you; frothing at the mouth for the next sign of wind coming to his or her local spot, hoping to get out for a dawn patrol before work.

I hear you and I know... I'm simply trying to show that NP is not a big conglomerate of corporate entities. It's starts at the core of us, the sport that drove us to this point and into the industry. If we're hear discussing it it's because we're windsurfers.

Thanks for lending your ear (or eyes as it were) and for your pointed inquiries Alex.

All the Best,

Garrett Scotti
Adventure Sports
Division Manager
NeilPryde Windsurfing / JP-Australia
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