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Just want to say that i know how WK feels. I used to only use NP sails, from the first RAF wave sails to my last VX2 sails.
Over that time i came to the conculsion that the brand was more about a marketing machine. Every year the sails were said to be 10% faster, so after 5 years, was i going 50% faster, well actually no.
Every year i changed out my sails, every year i needed new masts for those new sails.
Either different carbon content, different length, different stiffness, different bend, different diameter so that the cams did not fit, in fact any reason they could find to make me part with more money. Progress some would say.
Later i realised that year by year the quality was getting worse. Sails that felt good at the beginning, started to loose the feeling after a few months and really felt bad at 6 months. Stretching NP would say.
Over that period i had episodes of breaking masts(many), breaking booms, mono film breaking on the leech, breaking extensions and did i ever get a warrenty...........never. Seems like it was always my fault or wear and tear.

So one day i tried a sail from another well know sail manufacturer and to my surprise the sails were actually better in terms of peformance and quality.

The love affair ended.

Today NP still continue to have great marketing and can afford to flood the racing arena with their products.

WK, look around, there are many other as good or better performance products out there with a real warrenty support behind them.
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