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Yep ... same problem for me big time with the 08 sails The Ice are not too bad because the downhaul tensions are low and you can just force the rope sawing over the edge of the pulley .... but the North RAM F8 ... the sails are almost useless because it is much worse. I really can't get enough downhaul hence the reason for my other post seeking good downhaul tools .. although with the chinook winch, I can see myself breaking the rope, base or downhaul tool with amount of force that will be required. All my previous race sails, I could downhaul just using a bar.

I am using the 08 North XT Pinlock extension, 08 North sails and 08 North masts. One would think that all North products would be compatible. I have tried rigging the rope in various different arrangements but it still kept 'sawing' over the pulley.

I have been considering purchasing a new extension, but I really dont think that is the problem. Not sure what to do. Having minimal downhaul really detracts from the performance of the North RAM F8 sails I can only just get enough downhaul to get out on the water and even then it is only when I increase the amount of extension so there is a big gap between the sail-pulley and extension-pulley. Any tips would be gratefully accepted!
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