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milk laser

Posts: 6 Do you remember the years when formula was borning?
Can you remember about when the formula class was started?

Here's a little help from a rec.windsurfing post from 1993

Copy and paste

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By limiting the sail size, it would add balance, unless racing always occurs at 6- 11 knots. Being a small guy, getting beat by big guys sucks!!

Being a big guy, getting beat by small guys sucks!!
Small guys on four year old 9.8s have won against heavies with new 12.5s in the avarage light wind racing we have around here.

Posted on 20-09-2006 19:52

Also, we want a board that flies in light air, not something to go to the Olympics!
So make it light, as light as possible, we will pay the price and get the light wind machine for NO racing. I think there is a market there, no?
What do you mean when you say we?

We are trying to make a board that can replace the RSX in London 2012. And in this case the package have to be at the same price as the curent Olympic board.

All the best

Thought this class would of learned from the last selection process to get out of the Olympic Windsurfing biz.
Maybe if you get the ISAF to publish there class specs to match what you want, and place sombody on the selection board to direct the process you could have a chance.

ISAF dosn't seem to be interested in an established class. They would rather start from zero and allow two years to build it

By 2012 the rsx could have enough particpants to really claim that there an international class (not just olympic).
That's if NP dosn't cut there losses and bail on the program after the 08s.
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