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Wow ... I am lucky to find you helpful guys!! I have been thinking about posting a thread about rigging North sails with the XT extension but I felt it was too much of a stupid newbie question and I would get no replies so I didn't bother! I thought there must be a simple answer that I am overlooking and during the 15 mins I take to rig these stupid North sails with the XT that it would eventually click and I would realise the obvious mistake i was making (even after my 10 yrs of windsurfing experience). I am relieved that others have experienced the same problem.

I have the doc on the RAM settings but I am yet to check out my sails. I try to avoid using my RAMs because they are such a hassle to rig with the stupid XT extension.

I have already been making enquiries about buying the Streamlined extensions, so I think it might be time to invest in a couple and auction off the XTs & Power XT on EBAY

I will keep my eyes open for the NP RSX rope.
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