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I am not supporting Neil Pryde with these comments, but I think it applies to this discussion.

The design and technological advances made in windsurfing over the last 20 years is amazing. The top sailors / racers have demanded the fastest, best handling, most efficient & powerful equipment possible. Durability hasn't been much of a concern since the sponsored as well as the non-sponsored top riders turn their equipment over every year. There has always been competition between manufactures for the "best" equipment, so everyone designs their gear on the cutting edge of durability (a lighter mast will be faster, but less durable).

This kind of thought process has its advantages but it can come back to bite you as is the case with the Neil Pryde masts.

The big problem is with the average "joe windsurfer", who wants the best possible gear, but is unhappy when its durability doesn't stand up. When I buy the newest racing equipment, I know that there is some risk with durability and I accept that risk. Am I unhappy if something breaks? - you bet, but I am not pissed at the dealer, distributor or manufacture unless they don't stand behind their warrantee obligations.

Carbon formula masts have always been a problem, but some are trying to find a solution. Maui Sails for example have "beefed up" their SRS 100 masts so that breakage is less of a concern. The trade off is a heavier mast.

It's all about choices, some will make you happy, some won't. As consumers, we have to decide who best meets our needs and then buy their products.

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