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I don't totally agree with you regarding the purpose of this forum. I think the discussion here is appropriate and all parties have had the opportunity to share their points of view. We as consumers are lucky to be privy to these discussions and issues. Hopefully, most of us have enough common sense to utilize the information in a beneficial way.

Is the Starboard forum the best place to discuss Neil Pryde's warrantee issues? Possibly not, but I would hate to see this forum get strangled like some of the others where the only topics discussed must be directly related to Starboard.

Over the last 24 years, I have purchased a ton of Neil Pryde products, and for the most part, I have been satisfied with their service and gear. Perfect? - no, but no company is. Some do try harder than others and for their efforts, they should be rewarded.

When one feels that they have been burned by a company and haven't been able to achieve satisfaction through the company, it's easy to understand why one would share their grievances on a public forum. Can it be biased and get out of hand? Sure and Starboard has the responsibility to manage it if they chose. This is their forum and they can decide what should or should not be acceptable dialogue.
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