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It's interesting to read NP's warranty on X9 products. I've never owned any NP stuff, so I've not had the opportunity to delve into the fine print associated with their products. I have to wonder though whether the warranties for different model lines are similarly worded or as restrictive. One thing was quite apparent in the X9 warranty is that the customer has to jump through a lot of hoops should a warranty issue surface, and then the situation seems quite dependent on multiple groups of folks at different levels as things step through the process. One wonders what the average time is to rule on a warranty issue, and in addition, how long on average it takes to get a replacement should the claim be deemed valid. Also, lots of grey areas where the customer can lose on subjectivity. The 18 hour framework scenario for mast failures mentioned earlier speaks loads about clearly subjective decisions.

I should point out that in the warranty situation I mentioned above in my prior post, all my contacts were made directly through the principals of Maui Sails, and that everything was handled very expeditiously and to my complete satisfaction. I didn't have to route things through the authorized retailer that I bought things through. Now I'm not saying that folks should buy Maui Sails over NP, or any other brand, but I just wanted to stress that the choice of a brand and who one works with makes a difference. Maybe I'm more happy doing business with smaller "more hands on" firms. In my opinion, tolerating a bunch of red tape and distance from the designer/manufacturer can be so frustrating. Over time, learning more on forums about the trials and tribulations of NP customers (sorry Bill), I know I'm best off steering clear of NP, despite the fact that they're offering some great looking products and that they unquestionably dominate at the pro level in many competitive segments of the sport.

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