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Smile shops

maui : best shop comes down to personal preference pricesa re all the same service is all pretty good, its a competitive market and they cant afford to slack things.

All rental shops liked to mix up the brands, some more then others, I am thinking they do this to attrach more renters who may prefer a certain brand back home, like you do.

"kanaha kai" had tabou ( angulo , mistral, real wind, 3 starboards only and hot sails),

"hawaiian island windsurfing" has starboards,a good mix of acids kombats a few small evos Ezzy sails (JP and naish boards and naish and neil pryde sails)

"hi tech" has gasstra and simmer RRD boards

"neil pryde maui/vela" had neil pryde and JP.

"maui windsurf co. " goya boards and sails.

I guess if you rent boards at one shop, and the sails you want at another, you could get what you want...but that would be a pain.

i would really have liked a shop with a good all round starboard lineup that is all starboards high wind line

I have to say all the shops, even the ones i did not rent from had a high level of stoke which was way kewl.

oahi no comment but you have to go to kalua bay..i think ther is a naish shop there.

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