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Default NP Warranty

So i'am french, don't take care of my english.

I sail with NP products (RS 4 - RS6 ...). I had bad experience with Nautix Masts & NP masts on the RS4&RS6 9mē. (3 Nautix Masts & 2 X9U broken & ; 1 X6 nearly broken).
The warranty has worked for 2 Nautix masts (the third were out of warranty) and all the NP masts were replaced under warranties (1 year).

The NP Masts were made in italy. The last mast (X9U), that is heavier (but it doesn't matter) is made in china and is still not broken ( )

That types of troubles are very a shame because in term of performance sails are very good.
Circle of hoisting seems to much important, and made to much constraints to the masts ?!

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