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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

Formula racing is cool, but I think that even without the Apollo it's an awfully tough class to be competitive in.

I've done local races on my F158, but it's always terrifying and exhausting and I'm usually miles behind the serious competitors. The other day I was riding my F158 and stock fin against Dave Kashy on a F160 with one of his Kashy custom fins ($700 USD!). Granted he's a better rider, but there was just no way I could come anywhere NEAR his speed and upwind / downwind angles with my setup.

I could train extra hard and spend $$ on fins to be competetive in formula this year... Or I could pick up that $200 F2 Lightning 380 longboard that I just found on CraigsList and race in the local longboard class with top-of-the-line everything!
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