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Ian Fox
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Warning !!
DON"T use a headset with the volume turned up LOUD
trying to hear what Pfaffi says in his introduction !
- or turn it down real quick once he hits the wet stuff !

But it's great footage and actually quite well done considering all the factors
and as a "home made" video analysis ! Well done and quite interesting.

Pfaffi, if we understand correctly, what you are suggesting is this video is using an extra stiff F1 FW fin (?) - in which case a video of some other really soft, flexy FW fin would be even more dramatic. (didi you try or make a video of super soft Deboichet etc?)
(we've seen some pretty wild still photos of FW flex in the past ).

Hey Steve, due to the relative smooth action between the fin movement and the reference (camera) it's pretty clear the camera (or sensor) is solid mounted to the board, so the flex we are seeing is the relative variance between fin and board, not free floating camera and fin. Agree, the railing of the board can influence this, but what we are looking at is the relative flex of the fin vs the datum of board.

Maybe Pfaffi can post up (or email us) some pictures of his board/video set up !

Cheers ~ Ian
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