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For anyone needing ideas, here's what I wrote - please write, even if you think it's too late.

Subject: Testimony to bill SB 2091 COMMITTEE ON WATER AND LAND hearing of Friday February 15, 2008 2.45pm

To the State Legislature of Hawaii,

I am a resident of the state of Hawaii, writing to voice concern over SB 2091, Relating to Sailboards.

Passage of the bill as presented would mean elimination of sailboarding from virtually all Hawaiian waters where it is currently practiced, with grave consequences to individual freedom and to economic vitality.

Sailboarding and kitesurfing are practiced at a select number of suitable locations, for example, Kanaha Beach Park, in Maui County, and Ho'okipa Beach Park, also in Maui County. These locations present appropriate conditions of wind, waves, and access, that permit the safe and proper practice of these sports.

The majority of sailboarding activity in Hawaii takes place within a very concentrated area of just a few hundred feet, at just a few select locations like the ones mentioned. There are no other alternate areas available which present the proper conditions for practice of the sport.

In these locations, voluntary self-regulation and County Statutes are already in force to ensure that the waters are shared in a safe and harmonious way with other recreational users.

Passage of the bill would mean that the presence of just a single swimmer or surfer within 200 feet of these areas would require cessation of all windsurfing activity. This makes the proposed law unfairly restrictive and discriminatory.

As an added downfall, the law would have significant economic consequences, especially in Maui County, where windsurfing tourism and the windsurfing manufacturing and retail industries account for millions of dollars of annual revenue to the State and County. Restriction of windsurfing as per the bill would mean a decline in these revenues.

Please reject this bill, as its consequences are damaging and harmful.

Thank you for your consideration.

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