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No way guys ... that is gotta be a wind-up. They can't really be serious.

In any case, a kiteboard is smaller than a surfboard and a windsurfing board is not too much different either. What about catamarans and yachts?

No way I believe that crap, so this is what I wrote ....

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with complete amazement that I read S.B. No. 2091.

It makes little sense when:
- surfboards are larger than kiteboards
- windsurfing boards are comparable in size to surfboards
- there is no mention of yachts and catamarans

Surely when there are 100 windsurfers out on the water, if one bikini babe drops in the water to cool down, then all windsurfers must immediately leave the water.

I am guessing this is a hoax bill and fake email address so I won't waste any more of my time.

Kind rgds,
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