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Ola, I'm still noodling on the question of the EVO. Now considering two EVO alternatives: the 70L 2007 XTV, versus the 2005 70L. Some thoughts:

Scotty's video infomercial seems to say that the XTV is faster AND tighter turning than previous EVOs. Wow. How did they do that?

Realistically, what differences would someone feel between the 2007 and 2005?

According to the website, for 2008, the 70 was replaced with a whole new shape, while most of the others in the line were simply refined from the previous year. Were there any shortcomings in the 2007 shape that necessitated a complete reshaping?

I had a chance to try the 2005, and the main things I liked about it: a. it gets through the whitewater in marginal wind much easier than any other board I've tried. b. unique feeling of the bottom connecting with the lip. The one main thing I did not like: felt precarious or insecure on fast steep waves - I did experience some unexplainable wipeouts, as if the board just caught an edge and flipped over.

Bottom line: Is a 2007 worth a few hundred dollars more than a 2005, in comparable condition?

Thanks for your help.
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