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Default Don't get too complacent about pushing the SEND button on your email folks.

If you've any doubt about this being so unreal that it's bogus,
then just cruise over to the Hawaii State Legislature website
and assure yourself it's totally (sur) real..

Remember HI time is well behind most of the world,
so Friday 2.45PM deadline is still a good few hours away.

Can't say I'd desire being smacked in the face by a 14 lb waveboard,
but come to think of it it's probably less damaging than being smacked
between the eyes by a wave driven runaway 14' (114lb) super tanker..
(swum around Waikiki or D-Head lately ??)

Then there's the issue of State liability :

(imagine) "3 Windsurfers drown and 24 more were injured today at Ho'okipa Beach park in Maui County.
Witnesses report that all windsurfers were sailing safely until a lone surfer entered and remained in the water near the traditional windsurfer launch zone. With State legislation banning windsurfers from coming with 200Ft of swimmers or surfers, most windsurfers were forced to wait outside in mast high waves as the wind faded away, resulting in serious and now fatal injury as many were smashed onto the rocky shoreline as they were swept downwind, unable to safely or legally return to their original launch. Those who failed to comply with SB2091 and came ashore breaching the swimmer/surfer exclusion zone saved themselves and equipment from certain damage or destruction, but were immediately apprehended by Maui County Police, who seized equipment and cited the sailors, while assuring onlookers that they were not there to discuss the rules, only enforce them."

(sounds far fetched..yeah, right..)
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