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If we want to grow the sport (of sailing, of windsurfing, whatever) ....

Are they having fun or what? I remember my days with friends and lasers, then at my 15th birthday my dad gave me a ... surprise... Windglider board and rig. I cursed all day, I had never seen one, I didn't know even how to attach the boom (no clamp-on these days) or steer that thing, called some boys at the lake they showed me how and I spend 3 days falling from it but it was love for a lifetime, then first runs, and then fun with the new friends and converted old ones, just like the end of this video (around 2:30 min), that was what we used to do for fun ... and sometimes the regattas. It was fun, it is fun, it will always be fun. All we have to do is bring the kids together and have lots of fun. Of course, low cost, light wind fast boards with dagger, etc... humm, these little boats tells us something ? (one last thing at 3:05 one boy does a "windsurfing" tack)

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