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Hi JM,

Thanks for your input in response to my questions. Since I will be storing the Serenity outside (I have no garage), I'm also buying the dedicated Starboard bag like yours.

In light of the fact that there is no one in Santa Barbara with a formula board, or for that matter, no one really using a classic longboard with a dagger, I will be out and about sailing alone. You never know though, maybe other folks will join in later at some time in the future.

About the use of weedfins, Roger has been very helpful on that front, as he uses them often sailing his Serenity in the Hatteras area. The only thing that worries me, and I think I mentioned it in an earlier post here, is that my existing weedfin planned for use with the Serenity wouldn't fit. It works perfectly now in my light wind course slalom, and I really don't want to alter the base. In a worst case scenario, I'll just have to buy a new Lessacher Duo Weed fin and dedicate it for exclusive use on the Serenity.

Again, thanks for input. As always, its greatly appreciated.
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