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Sorry, I didnt realize this is the Oxford Forum of Windsurfing. So sorry my salty language isnt up to your taste. Do come to Maui, do try to surf hookipa and report back to us how it all went. Send HGA our regards.

The sponsor of this bill is the ex-head of the democratic party here in Hawaii and is in the "old boy network" all the way. He is a senator who doesnt like anything that doesnt have to do with his agenda. If he had his way he would cancel all flights into Hawaii, close down the hotels, and tell all you guys f*** off. Cancel windsurfing, kiting, and just any other ocean uses except for his sacred cows. Oops, scuse my salty language again.

Do try to get informed on the topics before you speak. Is that so hard? There is no solidarity with HGA, unless you approve of their agenda. Very sad cause HGA wants you OUT. They will break into your car while your surfing and steal your stuff, they will sell ice to your little brother when you turn your back, and they will get their gang together and kick your ass when get back onto the beach. I didnt realize you guys are supporting this activity. So, nice job supporting the goog guys. Way to gooooo. Why dont you stand up and be a man instead of hiking up your skirts and holding hands with the HGA singing kumbaya.
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