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Had another session with FU93 & 6.7 RSR. My sail wasn't feeling very good as I broke a batten (again, boom batten went of 8.4 RSR as well), surprising really as NP stuff never breaks. Oh well must have been my poor technique. So for a temp fix replaced it with a stiffer one, the result was the sail was a little flat around the boom, but worked ok.

Wind was approx 18 with gusts to about 20. Top speed was 34.7 with 34cm H111 drake. The runs were quite square, with little room to bear off, I guess they were approx 100 degrees. Had some reaches that were consistantly 31-32 knots, so very impressed with that.

Towards the end the chop was coming up, and even at those speeds, it just sliced through it, with no hint of problems.

Once again very impressed at how easily this board accellerates, handles and turns.

Had a chance to finally test out some gybing, it was better than the old Carve 111 (2004) I had. It turned through the chop, well, just like a wave board. This aspect to me really seals the deal, especially when your reaching at top speed, throwing in a gybe at 30 knots with confidence, increases the level of enjoyment.

Should be able to test against tghe ST93 in the next couple of days
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