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Thumbs down unilateralism

Hookipa taliban, these grommits dont get it, most of us come to maui , sail, kite, surf for a week or two and leave,
they are just making a case of reverse discimination against them better.
and it wont go anywhere
hate and misunderstanding has never helped anybody. look at the history of the world. It happened a thousand years ago, it still goes on.
groms just look at people like the taliban, do you like what byou see?

as to this les ahar and his policies , if true, remember agendas like his dont work for the little guys he will sit pretty while others suffer for his agenda.
Politicians like that sell you a bill of goods then ask you why your are angry and broke and say you wanted it .
he came damn close to to slipping this bill in under the door under the cover of darkness.

P.S. dont worry in 50 years the tourist industry will be "hollowed out like a gourd" when fuel costs are 50 times what they are now. then the occasional windrigger will come calling, you may not see it as the walk to kahului harbour will be too long and you grom will be too old. thinking about the good old days.
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