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This was posted elsewhere - it deserves reposting here too:

I wrote before that this bill is all about kitesurfers being dicks at Kailua and Diamond Head, and guess what, I was proven correct.

Now, I find it very ironic that kitesurfers all of a sudden want to "unite" with windsurfers, in order to protect themselves from the consequences of their own disrespect and disregard for others.

Windsurfing has worked hard to establish itself as a respectable sport with roots in the community. Windsurfing has paid its dues when it comes to access in Hawaii and elsewhere. Why in the heck would windsurfing want to "unite" itself with kitesurfing, a sport perceived as being practiced by a bunch of sociopathic hooligans hellbent on destroying themselves and everything and everybody else around them?

Kitesurfing is nothing but a boat anchor working as hard as it can to drag windsurfing to the bottom - and this bill proves it. In the public eye, the distinction between windsurfing and kitesurfing has become blurred.

What windsurfing really needs to do is to establish in the public perception a strong differentiation versus kitesurfing.

The public at large and the legislature both need to be made aware that windsurfing is NOT kitesurfing - the two are DIFFERENT in terms of equipment, in terms of demographics, in terms of safety, and in terms of impact.

And that, my friends, is the best and surest way for windsurfers to preserve access for their sport - NOT by blurring the differentiation with kitesurfing, but by reinforcing it.

Kitesurfers, dig your own grave, but please, don't ask us to lie in it with you.
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