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Hey there Starboard team. I looked at the Apollo page, and I am trying to figure out where this board fits.

It looks like a Formula board fine tuned for earlier planing, talks about it being Formula registered, but Formula boards are still in the lineup. I also see the F-Type 158 has been dropped, probably too much overlap with this new design.

So is it as technical to ride as a Formula board (i.e. not as easy/fun as an F-Type on a beam reach), or is it more of a early planing free racer like the F-Type 158?

And why the longer length than F-Types and Formula boards? What does that buy you?

(For background on me, I am an advanced intermediate in New England USA, more flat water blasting than anything else. 70 kg, had 2005 F-Type 158, traded down to 2006 F-Type 148. Also have 2006 iSonic 125 and Carve 122. Largest sail is 9.5, but considering 11.0.)

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