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Poster 30 raises a pertinent point.

While it's not my intent to rifle against kiters here, it's important to note the fact that many folks don't necessarily understand the differences between windsurfing and kiting. I know that seems hard to believe, but I often run into normal folks passing by on their stroll at the beach, and from their questions it has become quite apparent that many readily confuse the two sports. Much of this is because it might be the first time they have seen the two sports and the equipment, and they're so removed that it's hard for them to piece together the clear differences. Of course, many do understand the differences, but what worries me are those that don't.

If the root of the proposed ordinance was principally due to problems with kiting activities and related problems, one wonders why windsurfing has been thrown in the mix. Windsurfing has been around for many years, and I think that there have been few, if any, problems with the average citizen. The only rub might be with surfers, not because of accidents, but due to the issue of sharing the waves. But still, at least in my opinion, windsurfing and surfing have been able to coexist reasonably well over the years.

However, with kiting, I noted that the significant potential for conflict with the surfers, as the total area in the surf that a kiter can cover and dominate is much much greater. I think that many kiters understand the narrow line they're walking with surfers, but quite possibly some don't. Really, all it takes is one or two bad apples to spoil everything.

Overall, I have to agree with Poster 30 regarding the importance of maintaining the differences between windsurfing and kiting, especially with respect to the perception of normal folks.
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