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Well, I did say "you know it seems hard believe...". I wasn't at all being judgmental in my comments, its just a common fact in my experiences. Awfully strange thinking about it, but it's quite true. I always try to clarify the differences to others when they ask, because I'm proud to be a windsurfer. And, when it comes to kitesurfing, I always voice a positive viewpoint to the folks asking. Actually, many folks are suitably impressed with the sport of kiting, as the elevated moving kites offer a colorful spectacle of sorts. Also, the kiteboards kick up quite a bit of spray, and that probably catches folks eyes, amoungst other things too.

Yet overall, I don't know if I religiously buy into taking in the responsibly for the actions "of someonelse's kid" concept. Like I said earlier, "all it takes is one or two bad apples to spoil everything".

Needless to say, I look to the kiting community to control the activities of their group. I sail a lot with kiters (really I'm the true minority in the mix), and I have to expect them to adhere to reasonable protocol. Frankly, virtually all kiters at my spots are meeting my expectations, so that's a real positive.

In parting, I would add that I was a completely dedicated surfer 22 years before started windsurfing in 1985, so the beach has been an integral part of my life since my early teens. Also, I must say, I hate the idea of restrictive rules at the beach. Truly, I wish for less rules and more honest fun. Nobody wants a strong police presense and undue tension, and I would hope that the beach doesn't become a war zone of sorts.
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