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That people confuse kitesurfing and windsurfing? You really don't give the average Joe a lot of credit.
Bobd, believe it. It's you who are giving the average Joe TOO MUCH credit. And the average Jane. They really do NOT have ANY idea how windsurfing is different from kitesurfing. A kite? a sail? it's just that bright-colored thing moving along on the water. That's all it is, to the average citizen. You've lost sight of the true fringe nature of these sports.

Now for my real beef with you. You really want to get lumped in with jetskiers? You really want be relegated to 3,000 feet away from anything - as they rightfully should be, because they are noisy, and they stink, and there is no good reason to spread noise and stench and pollution and out-of-control mechanized metal to any places where it does not already exist yet, as they do? Wow. That's some impressively misguided aspiration for solidarity there, brah. Why don't you go lump yourself in with the Superferry while you're at it, if you really want to demand your untrammeled right to waterborne travesty. You'll not see me in that "quorom" of yours.
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