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Awww man... you had to bring up the superferry!! Ugh!!

Love da ferry, brah! Have taken my kit to Kailua three times now on the ferry in my van, and had a blast.

Although I have to agree that our "quorum" shouldn't really include any "gas" powered craft, nature powered craft only, wether its wind or waves.

And, sorry, criminals (HGA) are not invited. And yes, the nice kids from the HGA were the group that beat (Web Peddrick I believe) with bats to an inch of his life. He is lucky to be alive. So, sorry, any comments that include HGA, foh getta bou dit! And yes, the HGA has roots through family and friends in all levels of government from cops to politions. Roots run deep in Hawaii. I have seen a kid get let go after the cops arrived to a fight because his uncle was on the force, and they just said, "straighten up brah or I will tell yer uncle".

When HGA started it was a noble cause. Jan Roberson's (from the Surfrider Foundation) son (Kaleo) founded the HGA many years back to support young and up and comming surfers. The group went bad pretty quick and Kaleo either couldnt control them or was part of the problem and that is a major part of the debate. The fact is, they have lost respect in the surf community here and are nothing more than a gang of theives.
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