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Thumbs up Hey there WK,,,,,,

Hi wk,,,,
A lot has been written on this thread. And i'm sure none of it makes you feel any better.
So when you get finished burning all your NP sails, call your local North Sails agent and order yourself some new gear!
I'm not attacking whoever sold you the mast, as i don't know if you were represented well by them. Maybe they went to bat for you and got refused by NP? I don't know?
However, as other posters on this thread have stated, having a rep/dealer/retailer who will give you personal service and go the extra mile for you is priceless and is part of the criteria I use for choosing a brand.
Your local North Sails agent is totally committed to her customers. The main reason i've become such a loyal and satisfied North customer is in fact due to her after sales support. I myself, and a number of others, continue to be loyal to her and the brand even though we are not living or sailing in your country.

So relax, buy an 08 warp, and go faster.
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