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Default polltuion as an issue

thanks for the info on the HKA , and stuff...

the superferry issues ughh I agree , while pile that into stuff?? but when it comes to noisy craft like jet skiis and stinky pollution one opens up a big can o worms.
jet aircraft are a big noisy polluter just like a jetski, i bet per ton of cargo the ferry pollutes much less!!!
and the noise northshore from jets ughhh jet skiis are no comparison !! superferry no noise.

BUT whale wise its a no brainer...aircraft have little impact ( as far as we know ) with ceteaceans, jet skiis probaly blow their ears out superferrry just outright poses an impact and noise threat but so do cargo vessels. matson line ....ah why did i raise this issue!!

but hey sailboard wakes dont leave marks...
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