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Originally Posted by raggy View Post
the thing is that when I beach start it tends to round up on me.
once on the plain wow its fantastic.

Please check out a short movie while beach starting the HS105.

You can see at 00:02 that the board tends to point upwind too much. The reason is that I had just a tad too much heel pressure on the windward rail, thus banking the hull upwind. I compensate this luffing up by tilting the rig a bit forward and keep the board as flat as possible.
Having started the planing and just after stepping my front foot into the front footstrap at 00:08, I moved my back foot outboard just in front of the back strap but with a tad too much heel pressure on the windward rail at 00:09, which makes the board quickly luffs upwind again.

So the best advice is try to keep the board as flat as possible on the water when starting the planing. Try to avoid banking the board with heel pressure.

Cheers !


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