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Default short and wide specs

Hello there, I am ready to move from my first board (160 l / 80 width /268 length). I am doing in choppy conditions and look for a more maneuverable all rounder, about 120 litres. In these litres the average length is about 250 and the width 68. The futura 122 and the kombat 122 are the only freeride boards in the market that are quite short and wide. Can you please explain to me technically what that means? Short: planning in higher winds but going in a straight line and tacking might be difficult? Wide: easy planning and uphaul, stable but less maneuverable and bumpy in chops.
Thanks thanks thanks
Ps I am thinking of going for the kombat having in mind that I will keep it for years though it might be difficult at first.What to expect from 235 length?

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