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Originally Posted by matt12 View Post
No it is US$48 on the Chinook website that Roger listed ... so it is double the price in AUD which is not a good deal so I think I can find a better price somewhere in Oz.

The GUN tool looks very similar. Has anyone tried both to compare the quality & performance?
I have not used the 'Gun' brand downhaul winch but I have used what I believe to be an identical winch sold under a different brand name made I believe in the same factory.

There were 2 serious problems with the 'Gun Type' winch I used with Euro pin systems.

The first is that the 'pin' was far too soft and easily bent.

The second is that crank does not slide side to side so the rope must always start at a large distance from the hub. This puts a lot more side pull on an already too weak/soft 'pin' and on the base that it is inserted into.

Two easy things to re-design but AFAIK this has not been done.

The Chinook winch works very well for me.
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