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Default question for Ian" iSonic or S-type


I currently sail a 145liter F2 powerglide and a 104 s-type. I am 87 kg and mostly sail on the big lakes in the Netherlands i.e. flat to choppy water. From force 5 and up I sail on the s-type starting with a 6.7 saber and below. However, in force 3-4-5, I sail the powerglide predominantly using the 7.9 diablo and sometimes the 6.7 saber.

In force 4-5 and choppy conditions (which seem to be the most good sailing days here) I find the powerglide becoming too large (and a bit too dull) while the 104 s-type is too small. Therefore, for these conditions I want to change the powerglide for a freerace/slalom board (may even keep the powerglide for the family). I am thinking about an iSonic or alternatively a bigger s-type. For this board I am mainly looking for top speed in choppy conditions. Given what I have read about it, I would like the iSonic but I also really love the feel of my 104 s-type (and think the s-type may handle chop better?). Therefore, the following questions, as a replacement for the powerglide in mentioned 4-5 conditions with 7.9 - 6.7 sails:

- what would be the better choice, an iSonic or a s-type.
- which would be the better size (iSonic 125 or 115 or in case of s-type 126 or even 137).

kind regards,
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