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Hi vanvanvan,
The shorter/wider boards will not affect your sailing in anything but a positive manner.
Think about it....... How often do you (when you are planing) have any part of your board forward of the mast foot actually in the water?
Longer length really does nothing for you. It just adds "swing weight" which is not really a desireable characteristic.
If you can sail/plane on your current "160 l / 80 width /268 length" board, you will find the Futura 122 very easy to sail and to continue to advance your skills.
The Kombat 122 (122 l/ 235 length/ 72 width ) or the Futura 122 (122 l/ 244 length/71.5
width) will be very similar, but the Futura will most likely plane earlier, be easier to stay upwind on, but be a little less turny and loose.
Do not worry about the length, you'll love it on the shorter board!
But, you are going to need some larger sails (6.5 m2 & 7.5 m2 for sure)
if you want to plane in anything under about 18 knots, which is starting to be more wind than I'd want to sail a 122 liter board in.
Hope this helps,

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