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Alexwind I've had a go on Maximus's 93. We haven't got it right where we are both in the one spot set up to go yet. Tomorrow we might get that chance. Owning the ST93 which I love, I now wonder about the Futura. On Maxi's 6.7 ( his set up) I managed to get it really wound up. It motored a lot better than I expected. Super smooth over the chop. I don't think there will be much in the speed but early planning is definately better.
We did a bit of testing today on bigger boards. I just changed my Hyper for a Futura 133. Maxi on the Hyper we had little difference. I was expecting to get slaughtered on the dead flat water we had today. The Futura went well. On one reach I got going a bit quicker ( Something I never have done before when we are both on 8.4 sail) and felt I wasn't going fast enough. I knew Maxi was there on the Hyper and felt the presence. Half way across I stole a look back expecting to be overtaken any second and guess what. No change in distance. The board is so smooth you don't feel the speed. I'll very impressed. Both the 93 and the 133 have the same characteristics. Can't wait to ride both in overpower conditions. In saying that there was a couple of runs where he got me. Usually when there was a lull. Those Hypers carry though like nothing I've ever ridden.
An important note here is that this was the first time I rode the Fut133 with the 8.4. Maxi has been on the Hyper's for years. What will happen when I get it dialed in?

One thing i found really different was the rear foot strap. On my old Hyper and St93 that strap is straight. On the Futura it is slightly tilted toward the back. At first I got my foot stuck but after a few adjustments problem solved. ( this is fully out and middle plug ). I made the strap wider at the back to get in and out easier. Big feet.
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