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Reaching on a formula board is no different than any other board. Formula racers rig big sails for maximum deep downwind speed. If you are fully powered deep downwind and then try a beam reach in the same wind conditions = YES you will be way over powered.

In 15 -20 knots, I may rig a 8.5 just for beam reaching and free sailing. However, if I was going to be in a formula race, I would rig a 9.2 or 10.0 for upwind and downwind speed. Normally, there is no or very little beam reaching on a formula course course.

While the Drake 70 fin that came with my F160 is a good fin, I find that the Deboichet R13 70 medium (don't know the rake) is much better in winds over 15 knots. I weight 80kg

"Better" means that control is much improved in the stronger winds.

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