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Originally Posted by AlexWind View Post
Thanks for you reply matt!
I've read about the monofilm problems you have with 08 sails, do you have it with all your 08 sails?
I don't know about the RAM, i fear it would be too unconfortable with the high foil tension and the 3-4 cam..
And concidering the size I'm looking for it'd turn to a disaster having a not proper big sail...
I already have a R_type 7.8 06 and I'm really fine with it so I was thinking about its "successors" Prisma or S_type.
Still no decision yet..
Yes .. all my 08 north sails seem to get these really sharp hard white creases which I never noticed on my previous 40 or 50 sails over the past 12 years. Anyway, I might just imagining the problem. Hopefully none of them split along the crease like one of my 07 sails did.

I think you will find the opposite with the RAM ... once planing they are ultra comfortable and stable just like all race sails ... as you would know the downside with race sails is (1) the luff sleeve width if you drop your sail is heavy to uphaul (2) the thump with the cams during gybing and (3) the slightly reduced power (minimal).

FWIW ... I find the 9.0m RAM much easier than the 9.0m Daytona. The Daytona was a more powerful sail but always seemed unbalanced whilst the RAM is much more stable, faster and balanced .... and hence enjoyable. Haven't tried the Prisma or S-Type though.
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