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hi andrews, i own the GO 139 and i love it. I bought it when i was (and in the we alway will be) a progressing sailor and learned a lot on it, very fast. I weigh just a much as you so i know for sure that it won't sink on you when u uphaul on it. The board is fast with the R13 fin you get with it, really fast if you fly it nicely overpowered and you can easily learn to sail this board up to 20something knots with a 5.5 rig. Mastering waterstarts on it is childplay and when u'r far enough down the line to get a small board you can stil keep the 139 as your lightwind board for the bigger sails (ie 7 --> 9.5~10).
I can't say anythin on the other boards though the carves have won a lot of international freeride tests and the futura is a smashing board so i've heard from other users.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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