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Cool Custom rules the waves

Originally Posted by matt12 View Post
I guess the disadvantage of a custom board is that you only get one shot at getting a decent shape. Fingers crossed.

Even the best shapers in the world still need to refine & polish designs to continuously improve before being blessed as a production boards.

Fingers crossed your custom boards turns out to be a good shape otherwise it could be an expensive mistake. Probably 50-50 I reckon.
I believe when it comes to wave boards especially for very heavy or very light people custom is definitely the way to go.

A wave board is a very personal board type that is heavily influenced by the riders' style, his skill and the type of waves he is going out in as well as his weight.

Just look at the number of different surf board designs and the majority of them are custom.

How many PWA wave sailors use a production board ?

I feel it is rather harsh to suggest that a custom wave board has only a 50-50 chance of being a success.
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